Glenorchy Road to stay closed overnight

by Peter Newport - Apr 21, 2022

From QLDC:

The Queenstown to Glenorchy road will remain closed overnight. Despite working hard to clear a lane through the slip, a severe blockage of the culvert means a significant amount of water and debris continues to run across the road.

In addition there's a lot of material along the potential 'cleared' route which has a risk of slumping onto any vehicles passing through, and the forecast is for more heavy rain. Crews will be on-site first thing in the morning and we hope to have a further update before 8.00am.

Council has been working with Otago Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Department of Conservation and local groups to assess community needs, especially of those who need to get in or out of the township.

Footage of today's slip and flooding from Crux reader Ed Davidson-Brett

Some local operators have stepped in to assist anyone who needs to get into or out of Glenorchy before the road reopens. They are (in no particular order):

Queenstown Water Taxis

[email protected] / 03 441 1124

Boat capacity 30 pax; cost $954 per boat.

Heli Glenorchy

[email protected] / 03 442 9971

Max. 6 seats; cost $1,300 per heli trip

Glenorchy Air

[email protected] / 03 442 2207

Max. 4 seats; cost $250 per plane trip

Queenstown Fishing

[email protected] / 021 904 462

Price by arrangement.


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