Get the best out of Crux during the Lockdown

by Peter Newport - Mar 26, 2020

Now that we are all into a month of lockdown, local media can and should play an important role in keeping the community together and well informed.

Here’s some details on what Crux will be doing to help and some guidelines to assist in keeping everything running smoothly.


  • Share your stories – we’ll be launching Lockdown Diaries later today where you can submit your lockdown stories and tips, plus photos. We’ll publish the best of these. Help others get through this crisis with humour and useful shared information on how to get through each day in the best shape possible.
  • We'll publish a Covid-19 Help Directory to list all of the resources where eveyone can find the local suppport and assistance they need.
  • Stay up to date. We’ll be publishing local, national and international updates on Covid-19. It looks like NZ has done the right thing – just in time. Stories from outside our region will help us understand the importance of doing our bit – and staying strictly At Home. We'll be fast and first and won't pretend that various media statements are actual journalism - we publish everything in full, attributed and unedited.
  • Help invent a new future for our local economy. Later today Crux will launch The Phoenix Project – Regrowth for our Region. We’ll need new ways to earn money when the virus is under control – the old world is gone. It is not coming back.
  • Comment and share and like through the Crux Facebook page – but we won’t be leaving our web site users in the dark – all Crux content will be on Facebook and our website.
  • Please don’t be an amateur news expert. Keep your comments focussed on each story and keep it positive. With all due respect we don’t really care if you think Crux is good/bad, biased to the left, biased to the right and so on. We are not perfect, but we are doing our best and we are free of charge! We’ll run a reader survey soon when you can give Crux all the advice you like! Here is our social media comments policy please read it and follow it.
  • Community suggestions and initiatives – please email [email protected] with any ideas on how we can help you or the community.

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