Crux invites you to Have Your Say

Apr 08, 2020

We don't do Letters to the Editor, but we do want you to have your say.

So, if you feel strongly about something local and you can string some words together - plus you will avoid offensive language and incendiary opinions - then we'd like to hear from you.

Some simple rules so we don't get hammered with aggressive Facebook comments or dragged through the Legal System:

  • It is best to have one central point and stick to it.
  • Don't name individuals unless they are officials/public figures and a relevant part of your story
  • Avoid offensive language
  • Don't rant - try to make your points logically with some supporting arguments
  • Use external links if you like .... but not too many
  • Keep it to a reasonable length - 400 - 800 words is a good guide.
  • Don't be anonymous - and send us a nice photo and some background about yourself to use with your article.
  • No fund-raisers or GiveaLittle campaigns please - not matter how worthy.
  • If you send us any images, make sure they are yours to use and do not belong to someone else.


Apart from that - Go For It. Get that issue off your chest or just prompt a local discussion on an issue that matters to you.

We'll also experiment with Proper Replies - meaning that we'll publish reader responses and even official responses under the main article on the Crux website ... they can be longer and more detailed than a Facebook comment.

Contributions to [email protected]

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