Council considers putting the brakes on Ladies Mile development

Jul 26, 2021

From QLDC:

"Queenstown Lakes District Council elected members will be asked to consider whether to continue with a Council-led approach to planning for the future of Te Pūtahi Ladies Mile, at its full meeting on Thursday.

QLDC's Tony Avery (right) at this year's community meeting which told residents that there was little that could be done to stop Ladies Mile Development - on the left CEO Mike Theelen and Mayor Jim Boult

QLDC General Manager Planning and Development Tony Avery said the project team had carefully analysed the community feedback and proposed options regarding next steps for Councillors to consider.

“We’ve considered the feedback from the community, directly affected landowners and other stakeholders which has clearly shown there are a number of matters of concern that require consideration by Council,” Mr Avery said.

“Transport remains a key constraint to potential development in this area and there’s a lot of work still to be done to confirm what needs to happen, when and how it will be funded. There are other matters requiring further work including the height, density and numbers of residential units allowed for, management of stormwater, location of the proposed high school, the nature and extent of community facilities and commercial centre, and the final form of the planning provisions that would ensure the delivery of the vision behind the Masterplan,” Mr Avery said. 

The Councillors have been asked to note the matters requiring further attention and consider whether the project team:

  •  continues to work on a Council-led approach to develop a Masterplan to resolve the outstanding matters identified in the report but at a lower density of development than consulted on; or alternatively
  • halts any work on a Council-led Masterplan, continues to work with Waka Kotahi and the Otago Regional Council on the proposed transport interventions, the timing of these interventions and how they would be funded, and manage any future development proposals through the District Plan and Resource Management Act 1991 processes.

The Council will communicate the outcome of the meeting following the decision on Thursday."  

The full Council agenda report and supporting information can be read online here:


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