Anti-vaxxers fail to infect Qtown Covid event

by Peter Newport - Jun 20, 2021

A stellar collection of NZ’s top Covid scientists made a presentation in Queenstown today, unaffected by threats from anti-vaxxers to target the event with attacks on a “pro-government agenda.”

A group calling itself Voices of Freedom, apparently led locally by Cromwell woman Karin Hermens-Jolink, held an event in Queenstown two hours before the Catalyst Trust event and sent the following message to their members:

"IMPORTANT: The Catalyst event appears to be pro the government agenda / pro vaccine roll out etc. We are not attending this event as Voices For Freedom but encourage those of you that feel confident to attend to do so as individuals and maintain composure to ask the important questions."

Crux has received numerous emails from Voices for Freedom with the organisation promoting an anti-vaccine Wanaka event on Tuesday June 22.

The Queenstown event went off without a hitch with five of NZ’s top Covid scientists painting an heroic picture of them designing the Government’s anti-Covid strategy “overnight, on a shoestring” using science that turned out to be ahead of the rest of the world.

Dr Shaun Hendy - made a dramatic demonstration of how Covid spreads exponentially.

The combination of maths, virology and immunology represented by the five scientists left the Queenstown Memorial Hall audience in no doubt that New Zealand’s strategy of “go hard and go early” had produced a positive outcome that many of us do not fully appreciate.

In fact the presentation was so effective that many in the audience were visibly moved by just how close our country had come to a tragedy of epic proportions.

Dr Shaun Hendy used the simple technique of asking the audience to take the role of Covid infected citizens with just one volunteer then choosing two other people to infect and then those two selecting four more people – and so on. It took only 30 seconds for the entire 300 plus audience to be “infected.”

The complexity of the virus itself, its ability to mutate and the vaccine that has to fool our immune system into believing it has encountered the real thing – all were described in plain English.

Perhaps most impressive of all was the true life detective story from Otago University’s Dr Jemma Geoghegan of how she and fellow scientists traced the transmission of Covid between two groups staying in a Managed Isolation hotel.

Otago University's Dr Jemma Geoghegan - her detective work helped identify exactly how Covid is transmitted

She discounted the popular theory of door handles or rubbish bins being touched in favour of the more scientifically accurate aerosol transmission of the Covid virus as a result of air being exchanged between two hotel rooms via the corridor and the two rooms doors being open within seconds of each other. The discovery went on to inform how New Zealand handled quarantine and isolation facilities from that point onwards.

The event ended with a warning from the scientists that “it is not over yet”, that one of the hidden dangers of Covid is the 10% - 30% of people who find their lives “changed forever” by the ongoing effects of the virus and that future as yet unknown viruses will also need to be met with the “go early and go hard” approach with all of the attendant wage subsidies and strict lockdowns that made the Kiwi response to Covid 19 so successful.

By contrast the message from the Voices of Freedom anti- vaccination group seems positively reckless – to say the least.

The five scientists taking part were (main image above - left to right):

  • Dr Jemma Geoghegan is an evolutionary biologist and virologist expert in using genomic sequencing to follow virus evolution. Her methodology became the primary tool in NZ’s tracking of the virus: When we all heard Dr Ashley Bloomfield say “genome sequencing is underway”, that was Dr Geoghegan;
  • Dr Amanda Kvalsvig is a leading public health researcher, and an instrumental advocate and architects for NZ’s pivot away from a “containment” strategy, to the elimination one that has made us the envy of the world;
  • Dr Anna Brooks is a leading immunologist with expertise in how viruses interact with the immune system, and the role and functions of vaccines. She is researching the long term effects of Covid, even after ‘recovery’ (so-called “long Covid”)
  • Prof. Shaun Hendy is well known from TV news throughout the pandemic, keeping us apprised of the work his team were doing modelling Covid and its spread, models which informed government’s overall response to covid and specific responses to outbreaks;
  • Prof. Vernon Ward is one of NZ’s preeminent virologists and leads a team of researchers developing anti-viral drugs. When the Covid pandemic hit, he redirected his team’s efforts to investigate and test possible Covid anti-virals;
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  • tim ryan : 21/06/2021, 10:52 pm (21 months ago)

    Sent to Peter Newport via Email tonight:

    Hi Peter,

    Good morning, may I point you in the direction of some very useful and up to date, recent resources.

    Firstly: This three hour video; interviewing Dr Robert Malone; inventor of mRNA technology; where he voices his concerns and his warnings against using it as a vaccine for Covid19; as it is a gene therapy, not a vaccine, that carries a great many risks; a lot of which are unknown, and/or just coming to be known, through the current global mRNA "vaccine" experiment.

    Secondly: This article by Steve Kirsch, that to this day remains unchallenged and unrebutted. It outlines very clearly the reasoning why people who are normally getting vaccines are not going for mRNA jabs. Dangers of mRNA jabs and the true number of injuries and fatalities caused by mRNA. It also outlines that there are very effective medicines, such as ivermectin, that defeat the need for a vaccine in the first place. It also outlines the tracking of the Pfizer "vaccine" in young girls, where it enters the ovaries and produces spike proteins, which in turn could lead to sterility, the complete risk is unknown, aside from the 82% chance of miscarriage in woman that are pregnant, and in some reported cases aborting fetuses up to 25weeks.

    Thirdly: The open letters on the NZDSOS website are very informative as to the problems that are going on in NZ with regard to Covid19 and mRNA, and the definite need to NOT APPLY THE VACCINE TO CHILDREN. The risk of extreme side effects far outweighs the benefits, specifically as there is very little, almost zero risk of death in children from Covid19. The risk outweighs the benefits in this case. Coercing people into medical experiments without proper, fully informed consent goes against the Nuremberg code of medical ethics.

    The mRNA vaccine experiment is extremely risky and to have media outlets such as Crux not asking the hard questions of government "experts" & academics; seem to simply be defending the narrative, instead of questioning it. This type of journalism removes our democratic right to voice our opinions. A place where opinions cannot be voiced could be somewhat similar to Stalinist Russia, some other tinpot dictatorship, or perhaps even Cambodia under Polpot; this is not the New Zealand that we once knew.

    I sincerely hope you take the time to inform yourself of the "other side" of the story; so that in future you can provide a much more balanced form of journalism other than the spin which is being produced by the majority of NZ media outlets.

    Kind Regards,




  • Randall Richards : 21/06/2021, 10:27 pm (21 months ago)

    Kim Knight nailed it, not too much to add, except that my opinion of The Crux went downhill after having attended the event, and seeing the resulting headline and coverage by Peter Newport. Labeling questioners in a Q&A session as "Anti-Vaxxers" does nothing but lower your credibility as a journalist. Shame.
    Agreed, there was one fellow who was a bit hot under the collar which doesn't further civil discourse, but calling your piece journalism based on that, is a far stretch. Since when is it a crime to question and keep an open mind?

    It appears that some are so invested in their careers (journalists and researchers alike, not to mention politicians), that they can't afford to deviate from the narrative, they can't afford to be "wrong" or to even entertain the fact that there might be more questions to be answered. Thanks go to the good people who presented at the forum last night, however just because they are "a stellar line-up of qualified professionals", it doesn't mean they don't have a blind spot, or don't have a compartmentalized view of their specialties. It was evident to me and others that they lack a bigger picture view, (not to mention a lack of willingness to entertain verified factual evidence) despite their position and knowledge.

    I'm no more anti-vax, than I am anti-fish. I just don't want weird stuff (like mercury, for example) in either. Congrats to the brave front-line doctors who are stepping up such as those at NZ is a small enough country, that a critical mass will allow (not maybe), an open and honest discussion despite the media's best efforts to shame and censor. As for Peter Newport, I suggest you ask more questions, do your research, and be impartial, and step up as well.

  • Kim Knight : 21/06/2021, 11:03 am (21 months ago)

    I actually feel it's inaccurate to label people who question the vaccine as 'anti-vaxxers', which seems to be quite common in the media at the moment. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that people who question the Covid vaccine are 'anti-injury and pro-health? Many people questioning the vaccine have had many previous vaccinations, ie, have been previously fully vaccinated.

    The unfortunate and sad truth is, many people HAVE experienced mild to medium to severe (including death) reactions after having the Covid vaccine. This is not being reported at all by the media, but it IS being reported in the thousands in various online groups around the world. The stories are deeply worrying.

    Many doctors worldwide are now speaking out about this because they find they can no longer remain silent, because it goes against the Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’. A group of New Zealand doctors, dentists and scientists have come together to alert officials and the public of possible adverse effects and unknowns of the rollout, despite the career jeopardy they face speaking out.

    The information about the potential and real side-effects of the vaccine simply cannot be ignored if we are to be open and honest, and ensure the safety of people's lives. Many people may not want to hear this unsavoury truth, but the truth cannot be ignored forever. As the saying goes 'all truth passes through 3 phases: firstly it is ignored, second it is violently opposed, third it is accepted as self-evident' (Arthur Schopenhauer).

    The reality is, however, people will only hear what they hear when they are ready to hear it. Until that time, the mind is closed and prejudiced, and will simply refute any proof, even if it is right in front of their face. One simply has to be ready to hear a different POV.