Southern Lens - A two wheeled future

by Georgia Merton - Jul 10, 2020

Post Covid we have seen the alarming return of traffic congestion in the Southern Lakes. Cycling advocates say this is proof that it is the local use of cars that is the problem - not the international tourists that often got blamed for our blocked and often unsafe road network.

And a Wanaka cycle group says it's even worse on that side of the hill, with no progress over the last three years towards new, safe cycle paths and trails.

This week the Southern Lens team discovers that most of us want to use our bikes more, reducing pollution and congestion - but we need the right cycle trails to make that attractive, low-risk and practical.

Shot, edited and directed by James Haskard, produced by Georgia Merton in partnership with Two Bearded Men using funding form NZ On Air.

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  • Barney Milne : 12/07/2020, 1:47 pm (3 years ago)

    I am all for more people biking. Its a nice idea, but practically, are parents or kids going to ride the distances between their suburb and school. And new schools being built in subdivisions will remove alot of this congestion over time. Jack's point as an example is crying out for a direct bike safe route to the high school. But there are already lots of bike safe tracks connecting alot of areas, picking out areas of congestion around Frankton as an example of a problem to be solved using bikes is wishful thinking. People and kids could already be doing it, why aren't they? The answer maybe people are lazy, don't have time, or a bike isn't practical for the task at hand, or parents are concerned about child's safety getting to and from school, and that covers alot of things Road safety yes, but also personal safety for young children, inclement weather, distance, steep hills, ie people living above Frankton road, Fernhill etc a bike not a great way of getting home. Quite simply Queenstown is a small place with only limited routes to disperse traffic. Chch always has been a great biking city because its flat, growing up in Dunedin while I biked to and from school I was in minority because of the hills. And go to other cities when school is getting out or rush hour and you will find similar congestion. The number of visitors whether domestic or international coming out of the airport, combined with 5pm rush which causes major traffic backup. So a mix of workers going home, parents picking up kids, visitors coming off planes. Bikes could alleviate some of the pressure, but not practical for most of the reason why people are travelling. Town planning part of problem. Ie putting 3 supermarkets on Frankton flats, when we should have had these dispersed to the centre of suburban areas, where less travel was required. But even that idea is defeated by the overall fragmented layout of qtwn.