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Glimmer of hope for tourism as NZers plan domestic holidays - survey

May 16, 2020

There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tourism tunnel.

A survey out today showed that more than one million New Zealanders planned to take a domestic holiday in the next seven to 12 months, as Covid-19 alert levels allowed.

Horizon Research said 17 percent of respondents planned to travel alone, while 59 percent said they would travel with their partner or spouse.

Spokesman Graeme Colman said there was a clear favourite holiday spot.

"The number one destination is Queenstown/Wanaka, so that's encouraging news for a town that's incredibly reliant on tourism. The other popular areas are the Nelson/Tasman areas and the Bay of Islands.

More than 378,000 people would definitely holiday in the Bay of Islands in the next year, while more than 431,000 people would like to holiday in the Queenstown/Wanaka region.

Colman said definite and likely visitor numbers were also large for some of the main centres, and total potential was higher for some smaller regions than the actual numbers of domestic visitors they experienced before Covid-19.

"We're hopeful they can use the insights to make the most of the restart - and in each of the coming 12 months. It should help them target potential travellers who most want the holidays they are offering," he said.

The survey shows that most expected to spend an average of $2320 on their trip, but some would spend more than $4000.

"When we look at the months that people intend to travel, there's a very progressive rise from 4 percent in May through to 38 percent in January, and that holds on through February and March."

One thousand and thirty one adults took part in the survey at the end of April.

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