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Auckland Council votes to leave Local Government New Zealand

Mar 23, 2023

Auckland Council has voted to leave Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ).

The votes were tied at 10-all before Mayor Wayne Brown used his casting vote in favour of leaving.

LGNZ is a representative group for local government across Aotearoa and provides advocacy and support for local councils.

In favour of leaving were Mike Lee, Daniel Newman, Greg Sayers, Desley Simpson, Sharon Stewart, Ken Turner, Wayne Walker, Maurice Williamson, John Watson and Mayor Brown.

Voting to remain part of LGNZ were Andy Baker, Josephine Bartley, Angela Dalton, Chris Darby, Julie Fairey, Alf Filipina, Loti Fuli, Shane Henderson, Richard Hills and Kerrin Leoni.

Debate arguing the the pros and cons for staying or leaving went back and forth for about an hour before the vote.

Chris Darby, who voted to stay, said the move was cold-hearted and contributing knowledge to other territorial authorities was important.

Wayne Walker said it made sense to get out.

Local government was nothing but a hinderance when it came to addressing the important issues council faced, such as climate change, he said.

He said council should take a more international approach, looking to cities like Seoul for guidance.

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