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Ashburton drops 'Whatever it takes' slogan

Sep 03, 2021

Ashburton's Mayor says the community doesn't want its famed slogan anymore - but won't stop locals coming up with an improved one.

Ashburton (file image). Photo: Ashburton District Council

The town has turned its back on its famous "Whatever it takes" slogan and is not trying to think up a new one.

The council decided this week to abandon using slogans altogether in its marketing efforts.

Mayor Neil Brown said the community had spoken - and they did not want it.

Locals could think up a new slogan, but it would have to be a very good one to get approval.

Councillor John Falloon said "Whatever it takes" had "done its time, basically, and no-one really took any notice of it and it was constantly under ridicule and that sort of thing.

"So as I say, it needed to be refreshed or we go without."

Brown said "there was a local radio station who did a quick survey of some people and asked them to keep the slogan or dump it. And they came up with 76 percent of the people said to get rid of the slogan. So the people out there are saying move on but.

"But it's not stopping the community from developing their own slogan if they, if they wish."

If someone came forward with a "cracker of a slogan" the council could use it, Brown said.

Falloon said he asked himself what the point in a slogan was.

"I mean everyone holds up Wellington. You know, absolutely, positively Wellington and it's very good because it's nice and short, only two words.

"But when you look at some of the other tag lines around the country, they corny at best.

"It opens you up to ridicule and that sort of thing, whereas aren't you better to promote yourself as being the town that you are?

"We like to think of Ashburton being a nice, quiet rural town where everyone looks after each other and we are very, very strong community."

Brown said without a catch-line, he didn't think people would think any different of the town, but "they just won't be taking the Mickey out of our slogan I suppose".

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