Charity Vote - Baskets of Blessing

Feb 13, 2020

The local Baskets of Blessing Charitable Trust volunteer organisation delights in coordinating generous donations of products, time and money, to, in turn, deliver gift baskets, home cooked frozen meals and food parcels given with love when words just aren’t enough. Nominations are handled anonymously with every basket/food delivery customised to suit the age and interests of the recipient/s. We reach out without judgement, responding to every nomination. 

Cash donations and fundraising projects provide valuable flexibility to purchase much needed items that are infrequently donated. For cook-ups we need to purchase meat and essential supermarket staple ingredients to maximise food donations, expanding our menu selection of delicious nutritious homemade meals. For baskets, while we receive diverse product donations, there is always a need for supplemental items. Success from the Crux / Hills charity would mean we can efficiently expand to meet the growing needs facing the people of our community.

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