The delicate art and science of dressing men

by Peter Newport - Jun 27, 2024

Let’s face it, shopping can be a challenge for many men. We're often impatient and uncertain about what works for us, and can be quite indifferent to our daily appearance. If something fits, we tend to stick to slight variations of it every day.

Many of us have dreamed of having someone to help us with our style—someone other than our partner or wife.

Enter Kathryn Davis, who understands these often-unspoken feelings. She's made a career out of assisting men with their wardrobe choices, working in London, Sydney, and now Queenstown - specifically, Frankton, where the parking is free and stress-free.

Kathryn's new shop, Mr. Davis, located at The Landing next to Remarkables Park, represents the culmination of more than 18 years of experience in the menswear industry.

“I’ve always had a passion for menswear. Before university, I entered wearable art competitions, making my brothers model my creations. I've always been drawn to the classic, clean lines of menswear.

"Starting in retail with New Zealand menswear companies, I worked my way up, gaining a deep understanding of everyday wear.

"Seeking more, I moved overseas to London and Sydney. During this time, I studied colour analysis and personal styling for men in London and had the opportunity to work for a company that sent me to Europe for several months to delve into the construction, materials, and history of menswear."

After managing well-known menswear stores overseas, Kathryn now wants to educate male customers in the district on how to shop successfully and enjoy the experience.

“I think most men have been scarred by early shopping experiences. They end up buying something unsuitable and just wear it because they have to.

"But with a good stylist or salesperson who knows what they're talking about, you feel more comfortable returning to that process.

"Unfortunately, there aren't many people passionate about menswear."

Mr. Davis is founded on a simple philosophy: owning a relatively small number of high-quality clothing items that can be endlessly mixed and matched. Plus, its prices are mid-market and affordable.

“This is the beauty of menswear. It doesn't change aggressively like women's fashion does. You can hold onto a core collection for years and just add small features to create a whole new look without starting over."

Kathryn's 20 years of experience dressing men is matched by reasonable prices and a strong range of quality brands.

And what does Kathryn look for in her favourite customers?

“I love it when a new customer comes in. Most men have a purpose - they’re attending an event, starting a new job, or planning a special holiday. Having a target or direction is great.

“I'm here to help. Instead of you sifting through, let’s say, fifty styles of jeans, there might just be two that are suitable for you. Let me guide you through the process.”

Mr Davis offers easy, free parking right next to Odelay.

Kathryn’s shop represents what most men need but have given up trying to find: Expert advice, quality clothing, reasonable prices.

It’s the art of dressing well - and enjoying the whole experience.

Shop online or in person at Mr Davis.

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