Some Big Answers from Mayor Jim Boult

by Peter Newport - Jun 11, 2018

We asked for your questions and now we have the Mayor's answers.

There's some big news here. A new three bin recycling system from July 1, 2019 (landfill, general recycling and glass), a pledge to look after tenants at the Frankton Motor Camp, the Mayor's personal opposition to the use of 1080 poison and a call for better representation on the Otago Regional Council. There's also upcoming news on tourism numbers and potential measures to manage numbers - plus some good news for Wanaka's cycling community.

Here's your questions in order of popularity and the Mayor's answers. Some questions had multiple facets to them so we have abridged them down to one central point.

Ben Rotto2

Ben Rotto. How will the district continue to fund infrastructure in the face of exponential growth and is there a point where a limit needs to be put on growth?



Terri Anderson2

Terri Anderson. Why is there not an extra tax on empty houses in the district (up to a four times multiple) and what is the plan to house the people who will be removed from the Frankton campground?




John Sarginson

John Sarginson. Bearing in mind we have plenty of useful water flowing from our hills for waste management and domestic water, what's your stand on the use of 1080 poison in these hill areas?



Cheryl Langford

Cheryl Langford. Is our recycled rubbish still going to landfill?



Sharon Beattie

Sharon Beattie. How can QLDC justify spending less on Wanaka's cycle ways and trails compared to Queenstown?


 Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell. Is there a case to increase this area's representation on the Otago Regional Council as our population and economy have grown so much?



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