QLDC: no charges after youths vandalise toxic house

by Peter Newport - Jun 18, 2024

The Queenstown Lakes District Council says that their security contractor, Cougar, did encounter the teenagers who were vandalising the derelict house at 516 Ladies Mile in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 16) but the police have not been involved.

QLDC says the youths left quickly as the Cougar patrol arrived.

The council says no further action is required given the house’s imminent demolition.

The lights are on and the windows smashed at 516 Ladies Mile.

Answering a Crux question today as to why the lights were on and power was still being supplied the council said that a power connection has remained at the house to facilitate any activity required on site.

"The cost has been minimal in line with minimal use of power at the property. Power will be disconnected in line with the demolition process."


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