Final election results: Lewers in - Boult weak in Wanaka

Oct 31, 2019

 Final figures out today not only confirm Glyn Lewers winning a coin toss today to break a tie with A J Mason - but also highlight just how hard Jim Boult's numbers were hit by low popularity in Wanaka.

This Mayoral race numbers break down tells the full story.

Nik KIddle was over 1,200 votes ahead of Jim Boult in Wanaka

Here's the rest of the final numbers, as supplied by QLDC.


With the final Wakatipu Ward seat decided by lot (a coin toss), this year’s local election results are in for Mayor, Councillors and Wānaka Community Board. The successful candidates are:


Mayor – Jim Boult


Council – Craig (Ferg) Ferguson, Valerie Miller, Penny Clark, John MacDonald, Niki Gladding and Glyn Lewers in the Queenstown/Wakatipu Ward; Quentin Smith, Calum MacLeod and Niamh (Neeve) Shaw in the Wānaka Ward; and Heath Copland in Arrowtown.


Wānaka Community Board: Barry Bruce, Chris Hadfield, Ed Taylor and Jude Battson.


Boult, Jim: 6,175

Kiddle, Nick: 3,999

Angus, Al: 1,344

Informal: 8

Blank: 321



Ferguson, Craig (Ferg): 3,497

Miller, Valerie: 3,116

Clark, Penny: 3,005

MacDonald, John: 2,833

Gladding, Niki: 2,346

Lewers, Glyn: 2,183

Mason, AJ: 2,183

Faul, Peter: 2,054

Glover, John: 2,021

Scannell, Grant: 1,373

Informal: 4

Blank: 127


WANAKA WARD (3 vacancies)

Smith, Quentin: 3,373

MacLeod, Calum: 2,663

Shaw, Niamh (Neeve): 2,522

Bruce, Barry: 1,970

Haworth, Lincoln: 1,797

Walthew, Cherilyn: 1,166

Informal: 20

Blank: 70



Bruce, Barry: 2,899

Hadfield, Chris: 2,778

Battson, Jude: 2,601

Taylor, Ed: 2,556

Cocks, Lyal: 2,322

East, Barbara: 2,186

Informal: 1

Blank: 173

The voter return was 49.05%, being 11,522 votes.

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