Crux re-releases 60 local documentaries

Feb 04, 2024

Did you know that Crux has produced sixty high quality local video documentaries? 

Our audience has now grown to the point where we have over ten times the number of users as we did when these documentaries were first released between 2019 and mid 2022.

So, we've decided to re-release them all to share not only some amazing local story telling but over a million dollars of production spend from NZ On Air and the huge financial support of our readers (you can donate here). 

On Wednesday January 24th our Crux daily audience hit 28,275 page views and our site now reaches over 100,000 unique users each month. That's more than the total population of the district that we cover. We now get feedback on our stories from all over the country. Our local advertising now delivers close to a million ad impressions every month combined with a Facebook reach of over 300,000 and engagement above the 100,000 mark.

Many of you won't have seen these documentaries, so please browse both the Southern Lens (2019 - 2021, 55 episodes) and Deep South (2022 - 5 episodes) series.

To make it easier to find and rediscover both series we've added them to our home page navigation menu.

We hope you'll be as amazed as we are at how good these productions are and how strong local stories remain relevant over the years.

They become a key part of our local history and an example of how strong local media is such an essential part of not just public interest journalism but social cohesion and economic development. 

Sadly they are all so good that we can't recommend any favourites!

So - please enjoy choosing and viewing. And .... tell your friends. Crux is the very best in high quality local news - and 100% free to use.

Watch - Southern Lens

Watch - Deep South

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