Fresh paint helps Arrowtown motorists stay on right track

by Kim Bowden - Jun 13, 2024

Measures have been taken to ensure motorists stay on the right side of the road at a danger spot identified near Arrowtown.

New cautionary roading signs have been erected and fresh paint applied to more clearly mark the intended route for traffic on McDonnell Road.


Crux became aware of the safety issue earlier in the week when a local motorist sent in video footage of successive vehicles crossing the centre line where a new right-turning bay had been put in place.

They said the glare of the sun at a particular time of the morning was obscuring road markings.

Now, a fluorescent orange caution sign has been erected on the road shoulder on either side of the turning bay alerting motorists of the 'new road layout'.

Double yellow centre lines appear to have also been remarked, and white lines delineating the left edge of the road painted.

The local motorist says the "quick response" is "a big improvement".

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has been approached for comment.

Main image: Caution 'new road layout' signs have been erected before and after a new turning bay on McDonnell Road near Arrowtown.

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