$78,000 spend on 33 new cameras in Queenstown CBD

by Lauren Pattemore - Mar 06, 2024

Regulatory monitoring has increased around Queenstown's central business district with 33 new closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) going up on three main streets.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has this year installed an additional 12 cameras on Rees Street, another 14 on Shotover Street, and seven more on Beach Street.

The cost to buy and install the cameras was $78,000.

A spokesperson for the council says this increased CCTV use is part of the council's work to ensure car parking in central Queenstown is turning over, and to keep the town operating effectively.

Queenstown Taxis is one company that has lobbied the council to do more monitoring of the area, in response to an increase in unregistered cabs using the loading-zone-only Beach Street as an unofficial taxi rank.

When Crux approached the Queenstown Business Chamber of Commerce for comment on the increased surveillance and the degree to which it is being welcomed by local businesses, chief executive Sharon Fifield said she was unaware of the new cameras and increased monitoring on Rees, Shotover and Beach Streets.

All three roads were included in significant upgrade works that were completed last year and saw some areas remodelled as shared spaces prioritising pedestrians with general parking removed for all but mobility permit holders.

Crux has previously reported the council generates millions of dollars in revenue each year from parking infringements, meters and permits.

The council spokesperson says it contracts Cougar Security Group to monitor the footage on its behalf for regulatory purposes, but other council officers can also access footage as part of their regulatory work, as can the police.

As per the council's CCTV policy, all footage is kept for approximately three months before being erased, although it can be retained for a longer time if it's required as evidence.

Main image: New cameras have been installed on the pounamu-green poles on Rees Street.

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