Headlight and Mountain Club collaborate to support business mental health

Mar 15, 2023

Local business owners and leaders have a chance to access valuable education this month to help them support the mental health of staff and clients.

On 29 March, a subsidised training session will be delivered at Mountain Club, Queenstown, to support members and the wider business community to have a chance to upskill on all things relating to mental health and mental wellbeing at work.

The event is being delivered by Headlight facilitators who come from the small business community and know first hand the value of supporting staff and clients to talk about mental health in the workplace. Attendees will also learn about what free and available national and local resources are at hand to support them after the workshop.

“We know these workshops are helping change attitudes about mental health, and give people practical tools to go back to the workplace with. Our last training, people applied it the very next day when an incident arose. We know we can’t fix the issues facing our community right now but hope training events like this will lessen the toll of current stressors on people’s mental health and wellbeing,” said Anna Dorsey, Chief Executive of Headlight.

A recent attendee of a small business workshop has highlighted the value that such training can bring to an organisation; "It was great to learn how to support employees through mentally tough times and what resources and help are available. Now the focus is on getting our team leaders and supervisors to attend so as a team we can have more conversations around mental health, check in on each other and support the mental wellbeing of the team," said Danielle Ingle, General Manager of Azur Lodge.

Whilst it is being held at the Mountain Club in Queenstown, this valuable community training opportunity is available to all small businesses in the Whakatipu basin.

Paddy Kluts, Chief Executive of Mountain Club said of the event; “Mountain Club supports Headlight and aligns with its goals of bringing the importance of mental health of business owners and staff to the forefront. We see the value of bringing the community together through this workshop and look forward to the work that Mountain Club and Headlight will be doing together for 2023.”

The GoodYarn workshops are $35 + GST per attendee and are subsidised by Te Hau Toka Southern Wellbeing Group.

To register or for more information visit the Headlight website.

Main image (Spooled): From left - Paddy Kluts, Mountain Club, with Anna Dorsey and John Glover from Headlight.

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