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Eleven new cases of Covid-19 in NZ - Health Ministry

Mar 20, 2020

The Ministry of Health has confirmed there are 11 new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus in New Zealand, bringing the total to 39.

He said there was a clear link to overseas travel in some of the 11 new cases, although some were still being fully investigated.

All of the latest victims are at home in self-isolation.

Five of the 11 are in Auckland, two are in Hamilton, two in Wellington, and one each in Canterbury and Hawke's Bay.

Dr Bloomfield said one of the people announced yesterday that had the virus - a man in his 60s - is in Queenstown Lakes Hospital in a stable condition.

Dr Bloomfield also highlighted the importance of keeping up communication with people self-isolating, as it was very important for people's mental health that they keep in touch with friends and family.

Foodstuffs South Island chief executive Steve Anderson will also talk about New Zealand's food supply chain at the update.



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