Tourist dies after completing AJ Hackett bungy in China

by Kim Bowden - Dec 05, 2023

A Japanese tourist has died after completing one of the world's highest bungy jumps in Macau, on China's southern coast.

The 56-year-old man experienced shortness of breath before he collapsed after leaping 233 metres off the Macau Tower on Sunday afternoon, the Daily Mail reports.

Paramedics called to the site found the as-yet unnamed holidaymaker was not breathing.

He was then pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital.

According to local media, the man appeared uninjured after his jump.

The Skypark bungy is operated by AJ Hackett International, which has attractions in France, Australia, Singapore and China.

The company's website claims a "perfect safety record" over more than 30 years and four million jumps worldwide.

It asks that clients disclose a range of medical conditions prior to any jump, including high blood pressure and any heart condition.

The company says it operates under an industry code of practice developed 30 years ago alongside the New Zealand and Australian governments, and its staff are trained to "the highest standards".

In a statement to media, a spokesperson says the AJ Hackett team at Macau Tower are saddened by the death.

They say it was the result of a medical incident.

"We extend our deepest condolences to the deceased's family.

"Safety is our top priority, and each and every customer is subject to stringent safety procedures. In yesterday's incident, the tourist followed all safety requirements before taking the bungy jump. 

"When our staff received word that he was feeling unwell after landing, they immediately administered first aid and called the authorities for help.

"The company is cooperating with relevant government departments."

Main image (Facebook/Skypark Macau Tower by AJ Hackett): Macau Tower in China.

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