State of Emergency transition period extended as safety not guaranteed

by Lauren Pattemore - Oct 20, 2023

In a media statement released this evening, it reveals Mayor Glyn Lewers has extended the transition period from the state of emergency by four weeks, as safety cannot yet be guaranteed, and the council is still working with Skyline. 

Mayor Glyn Lewers says "essential work" is still occurring up Ben Lomond Reserve to ensure land stability and public safety for long term, and the council is actively working with Skyline to address these issues. 

"Should we face a similar downpour before this work is fully completed, the notice would provide scope to introduce road cordons at short notice to protect residents and businesses."

After a record heavy rainfall fell overnight on Friday September 22, a local state of emergency was issued, with a transition period then activating for 28 days after the emergency was lifted the following day, September 23.

The initial notice period was meant to expire tomorrow, but today mayor Glyn Lewers has pushed it back until November 18.

"This is the quickest, most effective way to mitigate, manage and assess safety on Ben Lomond Reserve, adjoining reserves and the areas impacted by the weather event while recovery work continues."

Mayor Glyn Lewers says the decision to double the transition period was based on geotechnical and legal advice and fully supported by the National Emergency Management Agency.

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