Reader Survey: What's your preferred business model for Crux?

Apr 09, 2024

It's no secret that the news media in New Zealand is going through a very turbulent time. In fact journalists are now a seriously endangered species with our total numbers down to around 1,200 and dropping rapidly. We are outnumbered by public relations and communications people by around ten to one.

A disrupted advertising market, changing audience trends and the end of Government journalism support all add up to a perfect storm in terms of news publishing.

So - we need your views on how Crux can secure our future and continue to improve over time.

We believe we play a vital role in supporting local democracy - but that costs money and our income is dropping due to the factors already mentioned. We have pioneered an agile, cost efficient news culture that is truly original and well researched as opposed to other publications that rely on press releases and easy to handle non-controversial content.

This is probably the most important survey we've ever published - so please take a couple of minutes to take part. It's 100 percent confidential. The survey will stay open for two weeks and close on Tuesday April, 23 at 12 noon.

Here's the survey link.


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