Ram raider arrested after BNZ attack in Qtown CBD

by Peter Newport - Mar 11, 2023

A lone ram raider has been arrested by police after reversing his small vehicle into the BNZ's central Queenstown branch.

Crux reader Manjot Singh caught the attack on video. The video shows the damaged vehicle eluding police who are on foot.

The car was tracked along State Highway 6 heading south towards Invercargill, eventually being stopped by police spikes near Kingston.

Video copyright Crux/Manjot Singh

Police have told Crux that the driver has been taken into custody without incident and is facing charges in relation to the incident.

The ram raid took place at 11.45 pm in front of dismayed MacDonald's and Tank customers who were on the crowded Camp Street footpath at the time the raid took place.

No injuries have been reported and the BNZ branch ATM was intact after the raid, although the building frontage sustained considerable damage.


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