Queenstown CBD parkers pinged $85 at former free parking spot

by Lauren Pattemore - Jan 22, 2024

A commonly used parking spot in the Queenstown CBD is now unavailable to the general public with a new occupier getting first dibs at the location, but the change has been a cause of confusion for locals and visitors on the receiving end of tickets.

The parks are located off Robins Road, outside the Queenstown Primary School and newly-located Queenstown Playcentre, and Queenstown local Anthony Casey thought he'd be safe nabbing a park in the left-hand bay closest to the school on a Saturday.

But instead, he received a ticket on January 13.

On the map, the spot where Mr Casey and others have parked.

He is aware of 12 other vehicles that have received tickets for parking in this area, and his infringement notice mentions Playcentre parking as the offence.

He says the parking bay is split into four different sections, and on the day he stopped and received a ticket the only signage outside his specific section referenced 'Pick Up' and 'Drop Off' on 'School Days Only'.

At the time Mr Casey noted 'Playcentre Parking' was "clearly signposted" adjacent to the other three bays. 

He says the signage was "ambiguous", and because of it he received an $85 fine, which he has appealed, so far unsuccessfully.

"They (Wilson Parking) have stuck to their guns."

Regional support lead for Playcentre Aotearoa Judy Hinton has spoken with Crux to clear up the confusion, explaining that all the parks in these bays are for Queenstown Primary School use during school pick up and drop off hours, while at all other times, including Saturdays, they are for Queenstown Playcentre only.

Mrs Hinton says in recent weeks the organisation has hired a parking inspector to monitor the carpark as the early childhood centre is open again after a break.

It is a council requirement that the centre provide parking to Playcentre parents and their children close to the location, which the organisation shifted to late last year from its long-running Stanley Street site.

"It [the playcentre] can be open on a Saturday," Mrs Hinton says.

Signage on one side of the parking bay adjacent to Robins Road advertises Playcentre parking.

She understands members of the public have been accustomed to making use of the parks for several years, but that has now changed.

It is her view the signage is adequate.

Main image: The spot Anthony Casey parked his vehicle on Saturday, January 13, incurring a ticket.

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