QLDC - More safety checks needed on Kmart building

by Peter Newport - Oct 15, 2018

A QLDC building inspection team has not yet given the troubled Kmart building clearance to open to the public on Thursday this week.

Here's a brief statement released by the council to Crux late this afternoon.

"QLDC Building Control Inspectors visited the Kmart site today and confirmed work is progressing well, with a further inspection set to take place Wednesday afternoon. Further documentation in support of structural work is to be supplied to QLDC, and following the Wednesday inspection, we will determine whether a Certificate of Public Use (CPU) can be issued.

It is important to note issuing of a CPU is not solely centred on structure; it deals with the overall building being safe for public use and this involves everything from access, fire and life safety to accessible facilities. Factors taken into account for safety of the public include, and in this case are, areas where work is currently being undertaken on site."

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