QLDC defends shut down of lakefront market

by Peter Newport - Dec 29, 2023

The Queenstown Lakes District council is sticking to its decision to enforce new rules that lakefront stall holders in Queenstown say will put them out of business.

The stall holders were forced just before Xmas to obtain a new licence without realising that would tie them in to a new bylaw designed to stop their current trading.

The bylaw, called the Activities in Public Places Bylaw, was adopted by QLDC earlier this year with limited public consultation.

It requires stall holders, buskers, pop up stalls, events, organised pub crawls and charity street collectors to have a 50 metre distance between each other and not stay in one place for more than an hour.  In addition they must pre-register with the council.

Even with council permission the activities are limited to very small parts of Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wānaka.

Even with the new QLDC restrictions the available locations are very limited - highlighted in green.

Here’s the full response from the QLDC to our story published earlier today.

“The Saturday (Earnslaw Park) markets currently have their own permit and for all other pop-up stall holders they fall under the Activities in Public Places bylaw that was adopted by council in September of 2023.

“We’ve embarked on an education journey with current pop-up stall holders since that time.

“We’re now moving on to an enforcement phase where pop-up stall holders must adhere to the bylaw requirements.  

“The waterfront is a public space that should be enjoyed in a fair and equitable manner and the bylaw is one such way we ensure everyone gets a fair go.”

The QLDC did not reply to the question as to why the council would not meet with lakefront stall holders or why they had not replied to questions from local MP Joseph Mooney.

Here's a list of the QLDC's new requirements:

The location of this activity must be:

  • At a distance of at least 50 metres from any other busker, pop-up stall holder or person undertaking charity street collection

  • At a distance of at least 3 metres from any residential, retail or commercial premises unless you have the permission of the owner or occupier of the premises to be at a closer distance

The permit holder will not:

  • Have signage larger than 0.5m2

  • Have a structure larger than 2m2

  • Perform within 200 metres of the area designated for an event authorised by Council

  • Obstruct pedestrian flow

  • Remain at the same location for longer than one hour, unless there is a 30 minute break

  • Use an amplified sound system

  • Act or perform in a manner that in the reasonable opinion of a Council officer causes or is likely to cause injury or nuisance to any person or damage to any property owned or controlled by Council

  • At any time argue, intimidate, insult or abuse the public, or engage in any anti-competitive behaviour with other buskers, pop-up stall holder or charity street collectors

The permit holder must:

  • Display this permit at all times when undertaking the activity outlined within this permit

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