Publishing and Sales Opportunity - Fusion

Jun 09, 2020

Fusion is a sister site to Crux designed for a younger, less formal audience. Fusion is designed to feature arts and lifestyle content, live events, sponsored content, community news, music, local advertising, sports and contemporary video.

We are looking for a company, individual or partnership that can publish the site and also monetise it - on a partnership basis. All the design work is done and we trialled a successful soft launch of Fusion in late 2019.

Crux currently attracts over 150,000 page views a month, and over 70,000 social media engagements. We are the leading online local media platform in Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell.

The growth of the Fusion brand, along with the associated revenue, is a key part of the Crux growth strategy.

To fit with this role you'll need the following skills and attributes:

  • Be able to produce, or manage the production of, fresh, young contemporary content.
  • Understand the communities we live in and what makes them tick.
  • Have an instinct for commercial opportunities including sponsored content, live events, affiliate marketing and monetising partnerships.
  • Be responsible in terms of publishing only accurate, well written and legally safe content.
  • Be energetic, enjoy meeting people and gain satisfaction from seeing our local communities grow and develop.

The commercial relationship with Crux will be based on a revenue share agreement. The person or company that fills this role will operate as an independent contractor. Our partner will enjoy a high degree of freedom and autonomy as well as sharing in whatever financial success can be generated. The better the performance, the more generous the agreement will become.

The role is not for the inexperienced though. You will need some financial management and reporting skills, a proven publishing and sales background and clear evidence that you and your team are all energetic self-starters with both a strong community sense and a high level of self discipline and responsibility.

Apply in confidence to [email protected] with details of you and your team as well as a full CV(s). References required.



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