Police launch criminal investigation - crash victim named by Royalburn Station

by Peter Newport - Dec 17, 2023

The employers of yesterday's fatal crash victim, Nadia Lim's Royalburn Station, have paid tribute to him as police launch an criminal investigation into the cause of the crash.

In a social media post this afternoon Royalburn named the victim as Outrega Anderson, who was known a Tré Anderson.

"We are utterly devastated to have lost our dear, dear friend and colleague Tré yesterday. Taken far too soon, words cannot convey how much our team loved this beautiful man.

"Our head butcher and master charcutier, he was also an industrial designer, artist and chef - he had too many talents to name. An old, wise soul, kind, humble, and always the calm in the eye of any storm. It pains us so much to think we will never hear your hearty laugh or see your infectious smile in person again.

"We will miss so much you mate, until we meet again."

The fatal road accident at the foot of the Crown Range road near Arrow Junction yesterday morning has resulted in a police criminal investigation. One person died in the two car crash and the other driver was seriously injured. 

Crux contacted police after local reports that members of the public called police 15 minutes before the accident to notify them of a car being driven in an erratic manner, potentially by a drunk driver.

The accident happened at 8.30 am on Saturday December 16.

Police have today issued the following statement to Crux after we asked about the warning call(s) and confirmed that both drivers underwent blood tests at the scene of the crash.

“Due to this being a criminal investigation, Police are unable to confirm that detail. The investigation is under way and Police will be preparing a report for the Coroner.

“Impairment tests form part of the routine procedure following a crash"

“We are unable to comment on charges at this time as the investigation is ongoing.”

Crux wil publish further details as they become available. 


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