Near-misses at decommissioned Queenstown pedestrian crossing

by Lauren Pattemore - Jun 27, 2024

The New Zealand Transport Agency is sending its highway maintenance team to have a closer look at Shotover Street's disestablished zebra crossing after concern over near-misses between pedestrians and vehicles.

A temporary seal laid in October over the Queenstown CBD road - a state highway - is now wearing off to show the white lines underneath.

One resident spoken to by Crux says the reappearance of the white lines is "making people think they can step out in front of traffic".

They say the tactile pavers and dropped curbs on the sections of footpath where people previously would have stepped out onto the crossing are also leading the public astray.

NZTA removed the crossing nine months ago after a strong response from members of the public it was contributing to road congestion on Shotover Street, which is a main thoroughfare through central Queesntown

A spokesperson for NZTA says while the maintenance crew plans to inspect the road surface, the tactile dots on the footpath will be staying for now.

They have not committed to taking any other action after the inspection.

The spokesperson reminds pedestrians that vehicles and drivers have priority at that location on the road. 

"People crossing need to judge when to cross and use the island in the middle as a refuge."

Converting the spot back to a pedestrian crossing has not been ruled out, with the spokesperson saying, if funding became available, a signalised crossing would be considered. 

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