Participants confirmed for Water Quality Forum

Jan 19, 2019

Crux can now confirm the five main panelists for the Water Quality Forum.

  • Stephen Woodhead, Chairman, Otago Regional Council.
  • Jim Boult, Mayor, QLDC.
  • Dr Mike Joy, Fresh water scientist, Victoria University.
  • Rachel Ozanne, Environmental Resource Scientist, ORC.
  • Ulrich Glasner, Chief Engineer, QLDC.

In addition, the four main local water quality advocacy bodies represented at the event will be.

  • Upper Clutha Lakes Trust
  • Friends of Lake Hayes
  • Shaping Our Future
  • Friends of Bullock Creek

The moderator will be Alexa Forbes.

Main Image: Jim Boult, Mike Joy, Stephen Woodhead

Full details of the event.

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