NZ Ski on track to fix missing Remarkables road section

Aug 02, 2018


It will take up to three weeks to complete repairs on the Remarkables Ski Area access road, NZSki chief executive Paul Anderson says.

R Road 1

Not an easy road at the best of times.

Anderson says the work will cost NZSki up to $200,000 for a retaining wall and back-fill to return the road to two lanes.

A crack was found during a routine inspection a few weeks ago, and closer inspection revealed a 30-metre subsidence.

He says it’s had little effect on ski traffic and the field has had a “fantastic” start to the season.

In an update to Crux today, Paul Anderson confirmed that geotechnical work had been carried out at the site and the current repairs would be a permanent fix.

The work is weather dependant. A video posted to Facebook a couple of weeks ago by Ski area manager Ross Lawrence did a good job of informing road users.

 “We’re conscious that it’s very visible,” Anderson says.

The road is owned by NZSki and the work is being carried out by Fulton Hogan and Base Contracting.

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