Meehan fights Plan Change 13 decision

by Kim Bowden - Feb 25, 2020

It’s not over yet - A developer seeking to rezone a chunk of land on the outskirts of Cromwell has lodged an appeal with the Environment Court after their resource consent application was declined last year.

In a statement, River Terrace Development, wholly owned by Winton, says it has appealed the Central Otago District Council’s decision to decline Plan Change 13.

The controversial plan change would allow for a 900-odd lot subdivision adjacent to State Highway 6 near Sandflat Road, close to Highlands Motorsport Park, the Cromwell speedway and orchards.

Chris Meehan, the Winton CEO, says the area has a housing crisis and the proposed plan change would alleviate that.

“Cromwell desperately needs more quality and affordable housing, a view shared publicly by the Southern District Health Board and the local mayor, Tim Cadogan.

“Plan Change 13 is the only practical opportunity in the short and medium-term to build significantly more high quality and affordable housing in Cromwell.” 

It’s a better option than pipeline plans to allow housing development to swallow up the town’s golf course, he says.

“The council’s alternative proposal included in the Cromwell Spatial Plan to convert the Cromwell Golf Course into many hundreds of affordable houses, is simply fanciful and will never happen.

“Along with other outlined initiatives, no progress has been made, and therefore the council is no closer to solving Cromwell’s housing supply crisis.”

Winton CEO Chris Meehan, the man pushing for controversial Plan Change 13. (Image credit: Crux)

Mr Meehan says the council’s own Economic Development Strategy points to unprecedented population growth, both from permanent residents and an increasing number of short-term workers servicing the growing horticulture and viticulture sector, which is putting pressure on housing supply and pushing up house prices in the district.   

A spokesperson for the CODC has confirmed to Crux council has been served a notice of the appeal.

“At this early stage council’s planning and legal advisors have not analysed the appeal.

“We will be working through this in the coming weeks.

“The council commits to defending the decision and will follow the Environment Court appeal process.

“The Resource Management Act 1991 provides for those parties who submitted on the original plan change to participate in the appeal proceedings.”

Main Image (Credited Kim Bowden): River Terrace Developments marks its spot on State Highway 6, beside Highlands Motorsport Park.

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