Mayor Boult announces pay rise for QLDC CEO Theelen

Aug 19, 2022

From QLDC:

"Following an annual review process completed by the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s (QLDC) Chief Executive Performance Review Committee, Councillors have approved a reviewed remuneration package for the Chief Executive, Mike Theelen.

Mayor Boult commented that Mr Theelen had once again provided strong and insightful leadership during another challenging and exceptionally busy year.

“The long tail of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to create significant challenges for the organisation and personally I commend Mr Theelen for the care he has shown towards the staff whilst ensuring essential services are delivered for our local communities.”

“Delivering a Ten Year Plan capital investment programme bigger than any before, and in the face of global supply shortages and local workforce challenges, is a tremendous pressure for Mr Theelen and his management team. But they do so with extraordinary professionalism, integrity and commitment. It is also a time of change within the organisation as they adapt to government reforms, the changing climate, continued growth across the district and much more. Mr Theelen is confidently leading that change with a focus on efficiency, responsiveness and high performance.”

“As I step down from the Office of the Mayor, I would like to say it has been my absolute pleasure to work alongside Mike. His support for all elected members and his dedication to the organisation are indeed second to none,” said Mayor Boult.

"The Committee considered Mr Theelen’s performance and prepared its recommendation at a public excluded meeting on 13 July. The Council subsequently approved a 2022-2023 total remuneration for Mr Theelen of $383,814 per annum during a public excluded session of Council on Thursday, 11 August.

"Mr Theelen joined QLDC as chief executive in February 2016 and was reappointed for a further five years in November 2020 (effective from February 2021)."

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