Jetstar's Qtown flights not checking vaccine passes

by Peter Newport - Dec 16, 2021

Jetstar is not checking all of their Queenstown passengers for vaccine passes or Covid negative tests, relying instead on a self-declaration form - and some spot checks.

Yesterday was the first time Auckland flights flew into Queenstown, with some Jetstar passengers telling One News that they had not had their Covid vaccine passes checked by Jetstar at any stage.

Jetstar's systems rely on passenger self certification with spot checks.

Air New Zealand is checking all passengers for vaccination passes or negative Covid tests, with their checks integrated into the check in process. 


Air New Zealand's systems require universal proof of vaccination or negative Covid test

A Jetstar spokesperson confirmed to Crux this morning that Jetstar is using random spot checks combined with email and text pre-flight notifications and a "pre-flight health and vaccination declaration at Auckland airport."

Jetstar says that these procedures are in line with Government advice.




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