$100,000 hunting prize brings Yellowstone actor to Hāwea

by Lauren Pattemore - Jan 22, 2024

An environmental conservation fundraiser package will bring Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser and one guest to Hāwea's Glen Dene Station for an all-inclusive seven-day hunting adventure. 

Richard Burdon owns the 15,000-acre prime hunting land that backs onto both Lakes Wānaka and Hāwea, and says they are "excited to host such an amazing character". 

Yellowstone is a five-season TV series from the United States that follows a family defending their ranch in the title location, and Mr Hauser plays the character Rip Wheeler. 

In the series, the Dutton family fight to defend their ranch and way of life from constant attacks by those it borders - land developers, a Native American reservation, and the country's first National Park.

Mr Burdon says the fundraising auction was launched by Mr Hauser himself, and its winning bid will become a donation towards the US-based Dallas Safari Club.

The safari club supports environmental conservation and education projects around the world to protect wildlife, Mr Burdon says.

Richard Burdon (Facebook/Glen Dene Station).

In total it's raised $NZD 98,000.

The hunting package includes field prep, accommodation at Cross Hill Lodge and Domes, chef-prepared meals, alcoholic beverages with dinner, transfers from Queenstown Airport, gun hire and ammo for the week, a hunting guide and three trophy fees.

The fees are for one bull tahr, a gold medal red stag and an Arapawa ram.

Mr Burdon says the dates for the experience have not been set yet. 

Main image (Facebook/Lucky Brand): Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser is coming to Hāwea to hunt.

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