Helicopters water-bomb hotspots after Skippers Road blaze

by Kim Bowden - Jan 20, 2023

Helicopters are continuing to water-bomb pockets of burning vegetation on steep faces above the Skippers Road that are too difficult for ground crews to reach.

Helicopters are continuing to waterbomb pockets of burning vegetation on steep faces above the Skippers Road (Image FENZ).

In its latest update on the Coronet Peak blaze, Fire and Emergency incident controller Nic McQuillan says firefighters have made good progress containing the fire today.

"There has been some damage to fences. We have yet to establish the extent of any damage to other property."

The fire at Long Gully on the Skippers Road has burnt an estimated 12 hectares of retired high country farmland, which includes a large area of dead wilding pine trees.

An aerial reconnaissance flight is planned for early tomorrow morning, when thermal imaging will identify the location of any remaining hotspots.

The results of the flight will determine the tactics for ground crews tomorrow.

Fire investigators have been at the scene today.

Skippers Road remains closed to the public tonight, and mountain bikers and other recreational users are asked to keep off trails in the Long Gully area.

However, this does not affect the Coro 1200 mountain-biking event planned for the south face of Coronet Peak tomorrow.

Public access will be re-assessed in the morning, taking into account the movement of fire trucks and crews, and hidden hazards at the site of the blaze, FENZ says.


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