Gladding, Whitehead and Shaw top QLDC councillor survey so far

Aug 06, 2021

Interim results from the Crux survey of councillor performance have shown relatively new councillors Niki Gladding, Esther Whitehead and Niamh Shaw to be the highest  ranking in terms of overall public preference. Mayor Jim Boult, Councillor Penny Clark and Deputy Mayor Calum MacLeod have scored the lowest preference scores so far.

In terms of detailed analysis our survey asks the public to rank each councillor by performance in their role, the level of trust, will respondents vote for a mayor/councillor at next year's elections, communication skills and clarity of their position on key local issues. The top four councillors across all of these metrics were Niki Gladding, Niahm Shaw (Wanaka) Quentin Smith (Wanaka) and Esther Whitehead.  Penny Clark, Glyn Lewers, Heath Copland and Val Miller received the lowest scores in this analysis.


Detailed interim public performance survey results - Mayor and councillors


Here's the detailed breakdown of the preference survey results so far.

Detail - interim public preference survey results.

Our survey also asked the community to record their level of trust in CEO Mike Theelen and the council's executive leadership team. 74% of respondents ranked the level of trust in this group as either "very poor - no trust" or "poor - very little trust." 13% of respondents ranked their level of trust at Very High or Medium.


Interim public survey results - level of overall trust in QLDC's CEO and executive leadership team

The survey closes next Tuesday August 10th - if you have not taken part yet - here's the link. 218 people have completed the survey so far.

The last Crux survey into community confidence was in May 2020 and can be read here.

For the purposes of comparison here is the result of the QLDC management question posed in May 2020.

May 2020 results. Community confidence in QLDC management.

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