Full QLDC election results

by Peter Newport - Oct 12, 2019

Just in from QLDC - full (provisional) election results.

Based on an initial progress result, incumbent Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult has been elected for a second term as the district’s mayor.

Mayor Boult received 5,535 votes, ahead of challengers Nik Kiddle (3,337) and Al Angus (1,176). Results were based upon the counting of 95% of the returned votes, although they do not count special votes or ones in transit.

Elsewhere, Quentin Smith (2,800 votes), Calum MacLeod (2,230) and Niamh (Neeve) Shaw (2,022) were elected to the Wānaka Ward.

The makeup of the Wānaka Community Board was also decided. It will consist of Bruce Barry (2,428 votes), Chris Hadfield (2,300), Ed Taylor (2,157) and Jude Battson (2,129).

Results in the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward are extremely close and are subject to change. However, the following people have been provisionally elected: Craig (Ferg) Ferguson (3,171 votes); Valerie Miller (2,824); Penny Clark (2,718); John MacDonald (2,556); Niki Gladding (2,107); Glyn Lewers (1,959).

Further results for the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward are as follows: AJ Mason (1,954), Peter Faul (1,881), John Glover (1,815) and Grant Scannell (1,235). Further results for the Wakatipu

The voter return was 43.93%, being 10,320 votes, excluding votes in transit to the processing centre and special votes. A further preliminary result will be announced around 5.00pm.

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