From backyard greenhouses to bespoke custom glasshouses

May 20, 2024

Have you ever dreamt of growing food for your family, but worried about the harsh New Zealand climate? Look no further than Winter Gardenz, a homegrown New Zealand success story transforming backyards with their bespoke, high-quality glasshouses.

The company's story began with a chance encounter for John Herrick. After doing everything from being a motorcycle mechanic to starting and running a successful ad agency, John, with his engineering background and entrepreneurial spirit, craved a change.

While travelling Europe, he stumbled upon a 'Veenter Garden' in Germany, a small conservatory sheltering a vegetable patch attached to his mate’s house. While enjoying a beer with his mate in the 'Veenter Garden', John’s wheels began turning as he looked around at it and asked his friend questions about how he used it for growing, and saw an opportunity to revolutionise the stagnant greenhouse industry. 

After a few sketches on the back of a serviette that night, Winter Gardenz was born. A few months later when he was back in New Zealand, it wasn’t long before he was talking to aluminium extruders and various suppliers around the country to make start making his dream a reality.

New Zealand provided the perfect environment for John's plan to take root. He recognised potential in greenhouse innovation, and embarked on a year of research, design, and testing, producing the first Winter Gardenz greenhouse.

The company has since blossomed under John's leadership, joined a few years down the track by his brother Peter. Their team now tackles projects of all sizes. From small, intimate 2x2 metre kitset greenhouses perfect for beginner gardeners, Winter Gardenz can design and build structures as large as your budget and space allow.

This flexibility caters to everyone, from those nurturing a small herb garden to larger hospitality venues, commercial spaces and more. 

John and Peter have also entered the space of quarantine facilities and research labs, fine-tuning their structures to meet the rigorous needs of government quarantine protocols.

Despite their growth over the years, their core values of innovation and quality remain constant.

So, Queenstowners, if you're ready to cultivate your own slice of backyard paradise, look to Winter Gardenz. Their bespoke glasshouses, meticulously crafted right here in New Zealand, can turn your backyard into a flourishing haven, no matter your vision or space constraints.

Check out the website here.

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