Central Queenstown carparks cut for concerts and construction

by Lauren Pattemore - Sep 08, 2023

Construction of a new footpath has reduced the number of car parking spaces in Queenstown's city centre, with work expected to continue until the end of January.

For now, the fifty parks available at the Recreation Ground carpark, on the corner of Camp and Memorial Streets, have been reduced to 25 spaces.

Parking at the Recreation Ground will be disrupted until the end of January.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council says that regular users of the car park were notified of the closure last week, with signs placed on ticket machines and flyers, on windscreens of parked cars.

It's all in aid of improving the route for active commuters between the CBD and Arthur's Point, which work began on this week.

In a media statement at the end of August the council details what people can expect as the project rolls out.

Construction crews will be centred on the generally sought-after carpark until the end of January, but work is set to be staged to allow some use of the facility by motorists.

"The intent is to keep as many carpark bays open as possible while managing the health and safety aspects of what is a large construction project," a council spokesperson tells Crux.

"The first stage will run until the end of October and affect approximately 25 to 30 parking spots, while the second will run through to the end of January and affect approximately 10 to 15."

The work involves constructing new retaining walls from the base of the carpark, which will support the wider shared pathway along a section of Robins Road.

It's a double-whammy for CBD visitors with parks also coned off today at the near-by Boundary Creek carpark and on the road outside the Memorial Centre.

The Snow Machine music festival is on, and cars are being forced to make way for buses bringing festival-goers to and from event venues.

A council spokesperson says less than half the total parking spots will remain coned off until Saturday night at the Boundary Creek carpark, so approximately 30 buses can ferry people between it and a venue at Remarkables Park.

In addition, most of the parking bays on Memorial Street, between the Recreation Ground car park and the Queenstown Memorial Centre, are temporarily out of use until Sunday, to enable another seven buses to take attendees to and from a venue at Coronet Peak.

Advanced warning signage has been in place from Thursday and Tuesday respectively at each location, the council spokesperson says.

Up to 7,000 people are expected at Snow Machine, which was earlier denied use of the recreation grounds itself by council for evening performances over the week.

The grounds will however be used for the Queenstown Marathon on Saturday, November 18.

Organisers of Snow Machine were reportedly told their event risked damage to the grounds so close to the marathon, and that was the reason for them being forced to go further afield.

Main image: The Boundary Creek carpark this morning, Friday, September 8, preparing for Snow Machine revellers and buses to transport them.

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