Aussie daredevil on a bike breaks world record at Nevis Bungy

by Kim Bowden - Nov 28, 2023

As if a 134-metre bungy jump isn't enough, an Aussie daredevil has thrown a motorbike into the mix, securing a crazy world record in the process.

This morning motorbike stunt performer Robbie Maddison became the first person ever to do a motorbike bungy in Queenstown, throwing himself and his bike off a platform high above the Nevis Valley.

With a free-fall lasting approximately 8.5 seconds, today's jump is the world's highest motorbike bungy ever, breaking a record set by Mr Maddison himself in San Diego in 2011.

His ride: a 50 cc KTM motorcycle.

Mr Maddison is one of the world’s greatest freestyle motocross riders, who has built a career on achieving several world records and completing daredevil stunts - from riding his dirtbike on the ocean (literally, check it out here) to his New Year’s Las Vegas insane motorcycle jump to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

"I live for insane experiences. I had the idea to come and leap off New Zealand’s most notorious bungy jump on a motorbike. I’m in New Zealand and I thought why not?

"I’m buzzing."

He says he had to consider the weight of the bike, especially with such a height, and the team at AJ Hackett Bungy did plenty of work behind the scenes to ensure the jump was safe.

"I had the family here to watch too, which was awesome."

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand co-founder Henry van Asch says, “Robbie embodies a life that’s about living more and fearing less, and we’re delighted to support him achieve the world’s highest motorbike bungy at the Nevis Playground in Queenstown”.


Main image and video (Supplied/Miles Holden): Robbie Maddison's motorbike jump at the Nevis Bungy on November 28, 2023.


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