64 Mountain Film Festival films now available online

by Peter Newport - Jul 01, 2024

The 22nd NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival is today available online after wrapping up in Wānaka and Queenstown.   

Those who were unable to attend the live events at the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps will still be able to watch the 64 films with the Online Festival opening today (1 July) and running until 31 July.

The Online Festival is open to audiences in Australia as well as throughout New Zealand.

The NZ Mountain Film Festival is a member of the International Alliance of Mountain Film and has built a reputation for attracting world-class films. The festival films appeal to audiences of all ages and you don’t have to be an intrepid adventurer to enjoy them, although you’re sure to find yourself on the edge of your seat or hiding behind the sofa cushions as you watch some of the more hair-raising moments.

Extreme mountaineering, skiing, BASE jumping, caving, paragliding, canoeing and cycling are all part of the adventure but there’s also the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and some of the most remote corners of the planet.

From a South Dallas skatepark to the mountains of Pakistan, the Mountain Culture show explores our connection with nature and the incredible impact we can have on the people and places around us while the Best Film on the Environment, Deep Rising, exposes the threat to the planet’s last untouched wilderness as a secretive organisation prepares to allow massive extraction of seabed metals to address the world’s energy crisis.

The Grand Prize-winning film Nuptse: Touching the Intangible, follows four French climbers as they attempt to climb an extreme route on the legendary south face of Nuptse, a wall approaching 8000m in the heart of the Himalayas.  

The Pure NZ sessions are a nod to the unique Kiwi sense of adventure, headlined by the Best NZ-made Film, Terra Incognita, in which a bunch of world-class skiers and snowboarders experiment with pack horses to access ski touring, with mixed results.

Find out what it’s like to climb a mountain as a fully blind athlete, using echolocation, touch and imagination; what happens when you combine a renewable energy sailboat with an Arctic ski expedition; and how about taking your under-10s to climb a 2000ft big wall for your family holiday?

There are two options for watching the festival films online:

Option One: An Online Festival Pass to watch all of the festival sessions on one device (NZ$69.95).
Option Two: One Session of films (2 – 2.5hrs) through a link valid for 24 hours on one device. (NZ$11.95).

View the full programme and get your online festival tickets here: https://online.mountainfilm.nz/

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