Queenstown's eco-friendly bin cleaning experts

Jun 04, 2024

Introducing Tayla Budd and Tom Devonish of T&T Services – Queenstown’s eco-friendly bin cleaning experts

Tayla and Tom are passionate about providing top-notch, eco-friendly commercial and residential bin cleaning to the Queenstown Lakes District.

After six years in Auckland, the first lockdown inspired a lifestyle change for Tayla and Tom. Encouraged by a friend who had already enjoyed five years in Queenstown, they moved to the area, quickly falling in love with its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and welcoming community.

Tom, a plumber by trade, launched T&T Services and steadily grew their customer base. As balancing both jobs became increasingly difficult, he made the decision to step away from his plumbing role and dedicate full attention to the business to maximise its growth and development.

Tayla’s extensive experience in hospitality revealed the rapid deterioration of bins due to damage and odour from waste. Recognising the need for a sustainable solution in Queenstown, they launched a bin cleaning service focused on extending bin lifespans, reducing plastic waste in landfills, and promoting a greener environment.

Communication is key in their business approach. Tom’s background in coordinating projects with homeowners and site foremen sharpened his organisational and management skills. Tayla’s hospitality experience equipped her with exceptional networking abilities and a keen eye for efficiency and detail.

The journey wasn’t without challenges. Developing their grey water collection system involved overcoming setbacks, including imploding tanks and testing multiple hose types. During this period, 'trial and error' became their mantra. Their perseverance, humour, and dedication were crucial in refining their process and achieving the desired results.

Tayla & Tom love receiving feedback from their customers, as it’s the best way to ensure continuous improvement and client satisfaction. Their high rate of repeat business is a testament to the quality of their service.

To show their appreciation, a referral program is being introduced: Customers who refer 10 friends will receive a complimentary bin cleaning as a thank you for their support.

T&T Services prioritises the use of eco-friendly and reusable products whenever possible. Additionally, they are currently testing a new machine that recycles and filters all water used in the cleaning process. This innovation reduces single-use water and significantly decreases grey water output, improving upon their original model which could only utilise single-use water.

At the core of their business model lies a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. They firmly believe that diverting plastic from landfills is a crucial step towards creating a more sustainable, greener, and cleaner environment. Through their services, they actively promote the reduction of plastic waste, aiming to inspire others to adopt similar practices for the betterment of our planet.

As T&T continues to expand, new services are being added to meet community needs. One recent addition to their offerings is the 'bin in and out' service tailored for Airbnb and holiday home owners. This service involves taking the bins to the curbside for collection and returning them the following day after collection. The response has been encouraging, particularly considering the high number of holiday homes in the area.

Looking ahead, they aspire to introduce even more innovative cleaning solutions to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Discover more about T&T Services or reach out to Tom directly at [email protected] or 021 0870 4457. 




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