TUKI festival is offering tickets through the share economy

Dec 01, 2019

The TUKI festival is offering tickets through the share-economy.

Got a van to spare? How about some picnic tables? Can you cook up a mean BBQ for volunteers? TUKI needs you.

The TUKI Festival, (fka Rippon), takes place on February 8 at Glendhu Bay, and organisers are looking to businesses and individuals to partner up with Tuki by sharing the love through the share-economy.

After its success in the inaugural 2018 event, the TUKI team have reinstated the ‘Barter Charter’ system for the 2020 festival, through which goods and services like providing chef skills, or loaning a caravan can be exchanged for tickets (or as organisers call them - ‘tukits’), to the Waitangi Weekend event.

According to festival director Lynne Christie, it’s a system that suits “our community and our economy. Southern locals are some of the most resourceful people we’ve ever met in the world, and this is a chance to get to TUKI themselves or secure a Christmas tukit for a loved-one,” she said. While adding that some partners request no paypack in the form of tickets, organisers do their best to acknowledge what amazing offerings come through to the not-for-profit group, which set up last century.

Assistant Director Josephine Gallagher adds that it fits in perfectly with the festival’s Earthcare initiatives. “Rather than buying in products, we reach out to the community for things they may have in their backyard,” she says.

Already well over half of the available Barter Charter packages have been snaffled with only nine slots still available from an original 26 opportunities. Barter charters accepted so far include Isobel the Green Room caravan, a lotus tent, ATVs, and office space for busy Tuki staff and volunteers.

The TUKI Barter Charter offers three levels of partnership, ranging from ‘Starter Barter’ (up to two tukits’ reward) and would involve hiring something like a van or lending the festival some bean bags. The use of a boat, picnic tables or the provision of volunteers’ meals would net you ‘Hearter Barter’ status (up to five tukits), while offering up luxury accommodation for example, would elevate you to Off-the-Charter Barter status (up to 10 tukits).

For more information, visit their website.

TUKI takes place on February 8, 2020 at Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka, and features The Chills, Tami Neilson, Alien Weaponry, The Peacekeepers, Anika Moa, Sea Mouse, Tiki Taane, Mild Orange, TrinityRoots, Chelsea Jade, local talent and more.

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