Wao invites people behind the scenes in eco-inspired Glenorchy

Oct 30, 2023

Next weekend, Wao Aotearoa is peeling back the layers of Glenorchy to showcase the incredible individuals and organisations doing their bit for climate change, biodiversity and regeneration at the head of the lake.

On Saturday November 4, a hosted walking or biking tour will offer people the chance to meet locals working in this space.

It kicks off at 10am at Mrs Woolly’s General Store with a welcome from Wao founder Monique Kelly and Glenorchy Community Association chairman John Glover.

Along the way, according to organisers, is opportunity to connect with incredible people, like Dan from Zero Waste Glenorchy.

Zero Waste Glenorchy is an environmental and sustainability initiative, whose primary goal is to promote and implement waste reduction, resource conservation, and sustainable practices within the Glenorchy community.

There's also a behind-the-scenes tour of The Headwaters and Camp Glenorchy, New Zealand’s first net zero energy visitor destination. The site has been rebuilt using green design philosophies and sustainable operating practices, with the camp using 50 percent less energy and water than traditional buildings.

There there's the chance to meet the team at Kinloch Wilderness Retreat and learn about their journey to regenerative tourism, as well as to find out more about the incredible work Dart River Adventures and Ngai Tahu Tourism are doing making waves with the future of electric boats.

And the fun does not stop there. Learn more out more about renewable energy with Queenstown Solar, and discover the steps being taken by Dark Skies Glenorchy to become an international Dark Skies Sanctuary.

The tour will also head to Glenorchy Community Native Nursery, and hear from Southern Lakes Sanctuary and The Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust, for an insight into work being doneto bring back the birdlife to our forests, lakes and rivers.

The day will wrap up with a screening of Greenhouse by Joost, an incredible film about a crazy house built in the centre of Melbourne. It follows visionary designer and zero-waste advocate Joost Bakker's journey to investigate what it would be like to grow all the food you'll ever needed, leaving no waste as you do so, right at your doorstep.

"If you have ever visited Glenorchy, you are sure to have felt a sense of underbelly innovation swirling about the quiet and tranquil streets of this small community at the head of the lake," Wao spokesperson Arna Craig says.

"Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the Southern Alps and Fiordland National Park...It is no surprise that there are emerging climate initiatives taking place on every corner."

To get tickets to this tour and film visit: www.wao.co.nz/summit2023. Tour tickets are $10, and film tickets are $15.

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