Tap turning on new water supply just weeks away

May 18, 2023

Central Otago District Council (CODC) is pleased to confirm that the final countdown is on to transition residents from the old Clyde and Alexandra water supply to the much-anticipated new Lake Dunstan supply.

When locals turn on their taps in about two weeks’ time (late May), water from the new supply will be flowing.

CODC Capital Projects Programme Manager Patrick Keenan commended the construction team for their efforts.

“Our dedicated team of staff and external suppliers should feel very proud indeed of how the Lake Dunstan project has come together.

“Despite some Covid curve balls the project came in very close to budget and only a few weeks out from our revised timeline, which is a real testament to the hard work contributed by the people involved.

“The benefits this project will bring to our community, as we bid farewell to the dreaded limescale, will be felt for generations to come.”

Residents may notice a temporary difference in the taste and odour of their water during the transition from the old to the new improved system. This is to be expected, due to a change in chlorine levels and/or a softening of their water.

As the water softens, some residents may experience the last of the lime scale passing through their house pipes as the softer water dissolves existing limescale deposits. Over time, the hardness will be removed from the pipes and flushed out through household taps or water-fed appliances, and down the drain. The transition from old to new poses no risk to public health or safety. Flushing taps will help speed up the process if people are experiencing this.

“Although you may notice a change at first, we want to assure you that the new supply is providing safe, healthy and clean water to our communities and complies with the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards,” Mr Keenan said.

The $16.1 million upgrade to the water supplies of both Alexandra and Clyde has been the biggest infrastructure project the district has seen in a generation, with the expansion of the Clyde bore field and the construction of a membrane treatment plant and water storage tanks. Construction work commenced in 2018 and has been completed amidst a backdrop of covid challenges including building material shortages.

The overall scheme also included the construction of 10.3km of 500mm diameter main pipeline between Clyde and Alexandra. This pipeline was completed in March 2020.

A blessing ceremony by local iwi will take centre stage at an official opening event currently being organised.

The Water Services Team is also looking forward to welcoming the public onsite and showing them around the treatment plant.

“In spring, when the weather starts to warm up, we will be opening the treatment plant for a public open day. This is a fantastic opportunity to share information with the community around how the treatment plant works to supply reliable and safe water,” Mr Keenan said.

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Main image (Supplied / CODC): Aerial view of the Lake Dunstan Water Supply site at Clyde. 


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