Lake Hāwea Community prepares for the worst

Mar 27, 2023

On Sunday, April 2nd, 2023, at 10:30 am, the Lake Hāwea Community Centre will host an information-sharing meeting for Hāwea and Hāwea Flat families to discuss essential considerations in the event of a natural disaster.

The meeting will be led by local residents, without the involvement of government agencies or Council representatives, to foster a community-driven approach to disaster preparedness.

The primary focus of the meeting will be on family welfare and the unique challenges that Hāwea residents may face during a major catastrophe. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about crucial steps to ensure their families' safety and well-being during emergencies.

By promoting preparedness and sharing valuable knowledge, the Lake Hāwea community aims to facilitate smoother disaster response efforts, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

This grassroots initiative demonstrates the power of local cooperation and collective action in building a more resilient community that can face potential crises with confidence and unity.

Main image (Crux / Nikki McKay): Lake Hāwea

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