Debbie visits: Free Rein Therapies by Amy

by Kim Bowden - Feb 29, 2024

Crux sales manager Debbie Knowles is regularly out and about visiting businesses big and small for work - she meets people with passion who help make our district special. Got a suggestion for a sweet spot for Debbie to stop? Get in touch and let her know!

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the importance of wellbeing for both ourselves and our beloved animal companions. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s time to put ourselves first, as well as our dogs and horses (if we have them), and step into the world of Bowen Therapy with Amy Hasloch of Free Rein Therapies by Amy!

I was unfortunate enough to break my arm last year, and more than four months later I’m still dealing with aches and pains in the muscle, so I decided to try Bowen Therapy. Other than me jumping out of my skin every time Amy went near my bum, I felt like a different person after. But more on this later! So, what is Bowen Therapy?

Amy describes Bowen Therapy as a process of peeling away the layers of pain and compensation we've accumulated over time and facilitating healing. It’s a gentle, rolling massage technique that creates vibrations along muscles and fascia throughout your body to encourage the body’s own internal healing and provide fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort, for both animals and humans.

For Amy, Free Rein Therapies is more than just a profession – it’s a lifelong passion. Originally a food technologist, Amy always wanted to work with dogs and animals and decided to take a leap, to first qualify in equine therapy, followed by human therapy. To ensure she had the best possible training, Amy studied Smart Bowen in Australia under the founders themselves – Lea and Brian Smart. With a deep-seated connection to the region, Amy returned to Queenstown in 2021, fuelled by her dedication to making a difference in the lives of both animals and people, as well as her ancestral heritage - the Buckham family, who have been here since the 1860s.

By blending scientific knowledge with intuitive insight, Amy has a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and animals. By fostering a deeper connection with your animals, you're also contributing to their wellbeing, and Bowen Therapy can transform the wellbeing of both you and your furry friends.

Alongside Bowen Therapy, Amy also offers FLOWpresso treatment – visualise an astronaut suit! I’ve seen it in person and I’m already excited to book in for it. It’s essentially like being given a big hug and sometimes that’s all we need, right? Of course, there’s more to it – using a 3-in-1 sensory treatment, it works by slowly compressing your body from feet to chest, releasing the pressure and repeating. I can’t wait!

I enjoyed my Bowen Therapy so much that I’m already booked in for round two, and FLOWpresso pending! Amy had no hesitation last time to say I was extremely tense, and that’s just what I needed to hear. I’m extremely guilty of being so busy that I forget to listen to my body, ignore that pain and blame it on getting old. But we all deserve a little TLC, so whether you’re just looking for a big hug in an astronaut suit, or you have something more serious such as a sports injury or acute/chronic pain, I fully recommend Free Rein Therapies by Amy!

Situated on Hansen Road, it’s also the perfect wee spot to grab a coffee and explore Country Lane Retail Village - and it’s such a peaceful area!

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