Debbie visits: Crêpe&Snow

by Debbie Knowles - Sep 08, 2023

Crux sales manager Debbie Knowles is regularly out and about visiting businesses big and small for work - she meets people with passion who help make our district special. Got a suggestion for a sweet spot for Debbie to stop? Get in touch and let her know!

Debbie's verdict: Colourful, and the right amount of sweetness.

Owner Apolline Fa, a former optician from Paris, France, had an eye for exploring the rest of the world. Ticking off Canada first, her sights were then set on New Zealand. During a holiday in Hawaii before catching her flight to Auckland, Apolline was introduced to the magic of shaved ice and her life took a sweet turn.

Landing on New Zealand soil, meeting and falling in love with a Kiwi guy, Apolline's dream started to take shape as she stumbled upon a truck equipped with a shaved ice machine. It spurred Apolline to blend her passion for shaved ice with her French roots. With that, Crêpe&Snow was born in Haast.

You can usually find Apolline parked on Mark Steet in Haast, where Crêpe&Snow has become a favourite stopover for travellers commuting between Wānaka and Franz Josef. If you're travelling in that direction, make sure to drop by and say hello to Apolline, who might surprise you with her serious commitment to Halloween. She dresses up in Halloween costume, complete with SFX makeup every day throughout October, adding a touch of scary spice to her sweet offerings.

But for now, Crêpe&Snow has set up shop outside Southern Laughter Backpackers opposite the Medical Centre, on Isle Street until September 27 - you can find more information here.

Her menu boasts a delightful selection of crêpes and shaved ice treats. From savoury to sweet, including vegan and gluten-free options, there's something to satisfy every palate. Personally tested and approved, the Nutella crêpe is a must-try. While it may get a little messy, trust us, it's worth it – it’s an absolute delight worth every bite. Nutella crêpes are a local favourite, so if you spot anyone with chocolatey evidence on their face, you'll know where they’ve visited!

Another local’s favourite is the rainbow shaved ice – a medley of lemonade, pineapple and raspberry. Colourful, the right amount of sweetness, and surprisingly not too harsh on the old sensitive teeth! A great refreshment for this beautiful spring weather.

Catching up with a local contractor, Mark Edmunds, who won Crêpe&Snow’s Father’s Day Giveaway, he was quick to say the crêpes are perfect for a tradie’s smoko and Nutella and bananas was a great choice.

At the heart of Crêpe&Snow is Apolline's genuine passion for her customers - she takes great joy in meeting new people and is privileged to be sharing her creations with Queenstown. With just over two weeks left in town, there's plenty of time to indulge in her sweet treats. Whether you're heading up to Skyline, have a doctor's appointment, or are simply visiting or working in the CBD, we encourage you to pay Apolline a visit.

Crêpe&Snow is more than just a food truck: it’s Apolline’s journey of blending dreams and cultures. Don’t miss the chance to indulge! However, if you do, we have word that Apolline may be returning and we’ll be sure to keep you informed of when that is.

But for now, take a break, and no, not with a Kit Kat – you know where to go! Crêpe&Snow.

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