Debbie visits - Bavarian

by Debbie Knowles - Jan 11, 2024

Crux sales manager Debbie Knowles is regularly out and about visiting businesses big and small for work - she meets people with passion who help make our district special. Got a suggestion for a sweet spot for Debbie to stop? Get in touch and let her know!

Calling all Bavarian enthusiasts! Picture this: you, a scenic view, and a stein of fine beer. As a self-proclaimed aficionado of Bavarian's Crackling Pork Belly (I've definitely ordered it more times than I’d like to admit to), I was super excited to meet Emma Foreman, general manager of Bavarian, and discuss their exciting new additions!

But let's talk about those windows! Open to a scenic view, it's the perfect backdrop for sipping a cocktail or enjoying a chilled beer. And guess what? The buzz is all about their new addition: weekend breakfasts, now available every Saturday and Sunday from 9am. It's the ultimate kickoff to your day, especially for you bikers gearing up for a ride up the gondy. Oh, and QTMBC members, rejoice - a locals discount awaits you.

Riders, listen up! Bavarian is your go-to pitstop before and after - fuel up pre-ride and wind down post-ride with Bavarian’s Happy Hour daily from 4:30pm to 6pm, coupled with some exciting new bar snacks. Plus, your bikes are more than welcome indoors, with plans underway for dedicated bike storage. Stay tuned for that extra convenience!

But wait, there’s more! Kids eat free all day on Sundays with the purchase of an adult meal – free meals for the little ones to make your family outings more memorable. Bavarian has it all – for post-work moments or casual gatherings with family or friends, there’s a dish that fits the bill, and who can say no to popcorn chicken or German sausage?

I certainly hold no bias, but I’m a huge fan of the Bavarian – for me, it’s the best pork belly in town and the place itself is extremely impressive (pictures of cows!). I’m already extremely excited to enjoy breakfast and likely a Happy Hour or two there over the Christmas break.

Plus, keep an eye out for a rebrand expected next year – I’m sure there’s something very exciting brewing for us all and we don’t want to miss it. Crux will definitely be keeping you in the loop!


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